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VRP's Capital and Deal Structuring

A Little Insight About Our Capital and Deal Structure Program:

VRP Private Capital Program is designed to share legal and successful business practices for creating Private Capital loans and Syndications amongst our Club Members.  We provide a safe space along with the necessary resources for Venturers to collaborate, partner, and determine the best legal and financial structures for Acquiring, Renovating, and Disposing property.

VRP's Private Capital Program provides a network of both Bank Lending and Bank-Alternative Lending Solutions ready and able to finance projects quickly and profitably. 

Hands Off Partnering and Investment Opportunities:

Members can choose to participate as limited partners (LP) or lending partners in these deals depending on their membership tier and the specific deal. The club will handle the acquisition, management, and disposition of real estate properties, with members receiving their initial return of investment as well as a share of the profits proportional to their investment.

Hands On Partnering and Investment Opportunities:

The partners will collaborate to identify potential real estate investment opportunities, conduct due diligence, and select partnership contributions towards the project.

Members will choose to participate actively as joint ventures (JV) in these deals along with contributing financially as well. Depending on their membership tier, contribution level, skill set and experience with real estate fix and flip projects. At the sale of the property, participating members will their initial return on investment as well as a share of the net profits proportional to their financial and labor contribution.

Our Win/Win philosophy has guided our decision making since we began building partnerships.  It is the core reason why people want to do business with us.

Please contact us for more details regarding our Lending Offerings and Services.

Thank you and we look forward to speaking with you further.  

Kevin Rorie

Director of VRP's Capital and Deal Structure Program

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