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Here are just a few of our specialties:

  • ​Acquiring distressed properties via auctions and wholesaling assignment

  • Partnering with Tired Landlords to vacate, renovate, and sale rental properties

  • Renovation Projects and Budget Management

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Kevin Rorie is a Small Business owner, husband, and father in Anne Arundel County, MD.  Kevin was raised in Greenville, South Carolina but has resided in suburban Maryland in the Washington DC / Baltimore Maryland metropolitan area for many years. He and his wife Kia, have 3 children.

Local Expertise

Kevin and his wife Kia are very active business and community leaders in the West Anne Arundel County area. They have owned and operated a boutique Technology Consulting government contracting business since 2016.  Prior to opening the IT Consulting business, Kevin spent a 20-year career specializing in Financial Planning & Analysis, Budget Managing, and Sales Reporting with Verizon Enterprise Solutions. Kia currently serves as a Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) and has 20 plus years providing ETL Architecture services. 

Kevin was raised in a single family home and was tasked at an early age to learn how to repair and maintain a home.  While growing up, many of Kevin's family members owned land, rentals, and even commercial properties. As a result, he developed a passion for the real estate sales and investing business for a long time.  Kevin purchased his very 1st home in his early 20's which was a 2-bedroom 2.5 condo in the Atlanta suburbs.  Familiar with the property management and landlord, Kevin decided to live in one half on the unit and rent the other half of the unit to friends.  This strategy proved greatly beneficial financially.  In today's terminology this strategy is known as house hacking.  Kevin used that strategy to purchase other homes.
In the following years, Kevin was inspired to pursue an actual career in real estate by his brother Dennis, who is a real estate developer, broker, and licensed Civil Engineer in Charlotte, North Carolina.  As a result, Kevin earned his salesperson licensed in 2015 and begin working for at The Realinvestors®️ Academy, a certified State of Maryland trade/career school and Real Estate Brokerage Firm. 

While still working in corporate setting, Kevin spent his daytime hours providing excellent service to his employer and his after-hours building his real estate business.  Kevin deeply learned the residential investing business in the Washington DC metro and served dozens of clients with investment counseling, negotiating, and deal structuring.  In 2018, Kevin was promoted by the firm to lead the DealFactory, an inbound lead generating interoffice call center.

Inside of the DealFactory, Kevin developed coached agents and investors how to talk to homeowners and determine their level of selling interest.  Kevin developed scripts, strategies, and curriculums to help his trainees reach higher success.  He taught them how to manage inbound calls, how to analyze the property while being on the phone with the homeowner,  schedule follow-ups, and set appointments.

Kevin also conducted offline training.  He conducted roleplaying exercise to improve appointment conversations and to increase the success ratio for getting homeowners to sign brokerage representation agreements.

In 2021, Kevin decided to establish his own Brokerage firm.  He and Kia reviewed and considered many brokerage models and decided to purchase and EXIT Realty franchise right and establish EXIT Vanguard Realty, a new firm right in their own community.  EXIT Realty's motto "Real Estate Humanized" resonated with them and was a main reason that they choose EXIT.

Kevin and Kia have been blessed to be successful in business and family. And they realize that regardless of how much technology continues to grow and become a part of our lives, the secret to real success lies within human development.  Kevin's goal with EXIT Vanguard Realty is recruit, develop, and partner with like-minded people who want to succeed in business and positively impact our community. 

Kevin and Kia are more than willing to provide all resources needed for EXIT Vanguard Associates and Partners to succeeds.  Kevin encourages a positive, accountable, and goal achieving business environment. 

Selling Homes
EXIT Vanguard Realty supports real estate transactions nationwide, however we currently concentrate in West Anne Arundel, Northern Prince George's County, and Southern Howard County neighborhoods.  When it is time for people to move, they LOCAL EXPERTS to market their home, know how to find the right buyer, negotiate on your behalf, oversee the inspections, handle all necessary paperwork, and supervise the closing. Kevin understands the complexities of each transaction, which is why he emphasizes that his associates concentrate on specific areas. If EXIT Vanguard has a lead within an area that has no EXIT Vanguard experts, they utilize the vast amount of EXIT referral partners. 

Timing Is Everything
Despite popular claims, all real estate markets are local and each has its own cycle.  In 2023, agents need to know more and do more in order to be successful deal makers and deal closers.  Fortunately, EXIT Vanguard is right here to guide Agents through what it takes.  Now is the perfect time to come aboard.  

Fill Out the Form and Kevin will reply.  Why not learn how to be a better businessperson from those already successful in your own community?

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